Thursday, April 20, 2017

While + Past Continuous + Past Simple Slideshow

(TESOL Worksheets--Past Continuous, Past Simple, While, Conjunctions)

Google: slides, pub

In my classes, I used this Slideshow Presentation to cover the grammar in English World 5 Unit 1 p.25.  Because English World 5 was presenting a very rigid form (While+ Past Continuous+ Past Simple) I tried to mimic their form exactly.  The first 6 pictures are taken from the English World 5 Textbook.  The other pictures are from around the web.
The section on meaning should be accompanied by some extra verbal explanation and concept checking questions, which are not written on the slides, but which the teacher can use in class at their own discretion.

The following class, I recycled the same pictures for a board race.  (To be used as a review in the subsequent class.)

Google: slides, pub

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